The Ultimate Travel Guide To Carson City & Things To Do

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Situated on the shore of Lake Tahoe, the capital city of Nevada, Carson City has a rich history (though it’s not one of the oldest cities in Nevada). From museums that preserve history to sheer vibrancy, Carson City has it all. This city stands out for its scenic beauty, comfortable railroad, late-night gambling, and hiking. Carson City grew from mining, railroad, and logging to a modern existence in the late 1850s and became the capital of Nevada in 1864. This underrated gem

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Camp Carson is set to make its debut at Hi-Way Drive-In in Carsonville

Nathan Thorpe, owner of the Hi-Way Drive-In along Sanilac Road (M-46) in Carsonville on Thursday, June 23, 2022. Thorpe bought the drive-in in April with his business partner, Richard Bates. Their goal was to find an area to host music festivals but also felt the need to revive the drive-in movie theater business

The Hi-Way Drive-In, located in Carsonville, is gearing up to host its first music festival.

And owners Nathan Thorpe and Richard Bates are excited to present the Camp Carson Music Festival. The festival will take place starting at 1 p.m. on July 16. .

Nineteen bands and DJs are set to perform on two stages at the drive-in. In addition to the performances, food trucks and craft vendors will be on site. Bates said the festival is to showcase local talent.

“We want the community to see what we’re doing as new owners (of the drive-in) while still keeping the

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