Why Los Cabos Is Perfect For A Romantic Getaway This Winter

Why Los Cabos Is Perfect For A Romantic Getaway This Winter

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Los Cabos has become one of the most popular destinations for romantic getaways in Mexico. It still hits behind Cancun when it comes to being the Mexican beach city with the most visitors, but there’s an argument to be made that it’s better suited for a romantic getaway. These are some of the reasons why.   

Young couple on a beach

Private Options At Multiple Resorts

Multiple Cabo resorts offer rooms with private pool areas and direct access to the beach. These types of lodging accommodations are perfectly suited for romantic occasions. Just ask world soccer star Sergio Ramos. He and his wife decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Los Cabos. The resort that they were staying at featured a private pool area and direct access to the beach. It was on this beachfront property that the couple was able to enjoy dinner for 2, which was capped off by a firework show put on by the resort. You can’t get much more romantic than that. 

Unique Experiences Offered By Top Resorts 

The romantic dinner that Sergio Ramos and his wife were able to enjoy is not the only experience that is offered by Cabo resorts. In fact, in recent months, multiple hotels have started offering travel packages that include different amenities. Many of which happen to have a romantic undertone. 

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For example, the Grand Velas hotel offers a unique travel package to their guests that includes a moonlight dinner cooked by a Michelin star chef who is the head of their flagship restaurant. While this is an experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family, it can also serve as a date night idea. The Waldorf Astoria, for their part, offer a ton of amenities within their travel packages that can be perfect for couples.

Couples Dinner In Los Cabos

Part of their best-of-the-best deal includes an in-room deep soak tub bath ritual. Also, that same deal will feature an experience known as “floating breakfast with rose petals adorning the guest’s private plunge pool”. This particular resort, as we’ve mentioned, offers plenty of romantic-themed activities. If travelers want to craft a personalized package for their romantic getaway they can contact a concierge from the hotel. 

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The Los Cabos Scenery Is TikTok Worthy  

Apparently, another one of the main reasons why Los Cabos is a perfect place for romance is because the area is TikTok-worthy. A recent study into popular honeymoon destinations using TikTok hashtags concluded that Mexico was the 7th country in the world with the most honeymooners using TikTok. Cancun and Los Cabos essentially share that 7th spot on a list that includes popular travel destinations like the Maldives, Bali, Italy, and Greece. With the Maldives being crowned as the most TikTok-worthy of all the honeymoon destinations.     

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Los Cabos Is A Preferred Cruise Ship Destination, Particularly In The Winter

Travelers don’t necessarily need to be staying at local resorts to be able to enjoy a romantic getaway in the region. Multiple cruise lines offer Los Cabos trips. The Cabo port is set to see 44 cruise ships tied down at the dock throughout the month of November. For December, at least 45 ships are going to be making their way to the tip of the Baja Peninsula.

Most of these ships sail out of either Los Angeles or San Diego. There are different types of ships that will be making their way down to Los Cabos. Tourists can find family-oriented options such as Disney cruise liners as well as more adult-oriented alternatives like what Norwegian cruises offer.  

Disney Cruise Ship

Nice Weather Helps During The Winter

Winter at the beach isn’t always a good idea in certain destinations because the temperature still drops considerably. That’s not necessarily the case in Los Cabos. Throughout November and December, travelers can expect 87 to 81-degree average high points in those months. With the chilliest points in the day being at around 65 degrees. The mild weather throughout the last months of the year makes the area perfect for a romantic vacation.