The Perfect Winter Travel Packing List for Women

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The Perfect Winter Travel Packing List for Women

Posted in : Travel Packages on by : Ongky Firmansyah

The Perfect Winter Travel Packing List for WomenSeasoned travelers know that the easiest way to breeze through the travel trials of airports, baggage checking, and boarding are to travel light. Most airlines allow you one checked bag, and extras will have to be paid for—and it isn’t cheap. For most of us, the last thing we want to have to spend our vacation money on is an airplane ride for our suitcase, so we manage to travel light. But packing for winter presents some challenges to packing light. Winter weather requires heavier, bulkier clothing, as well as extras such as boots, gloves, hats, and scarves.

So, what are some tips from seasoned seasonal travelers who know how to manage packing in a way that allows us to look great while we travel, stay warm, and not have to lug around multiple bags and luggage?

Keeping in Color

One of the secrets to traveling light in the winter is to only pack like-colors, or colors from the same color palette. Not only does this mean you can mix and match to get more outfits out of less clothing, but it also makes it easier to run a quick wash load while on vacation without having to separate out whites and darks. Pack solids, neutrals, and limited complementary prints to mix and match and make the most out of what you’ve packed.

Denim jeans and warm dark leggings are must-haves for winter travel and are the easiest to match with limited accessories and jackets. Fleece-lined leggings are especially great for traveling to very cold climates.

Love the Layers

While it may be tempting to pack a bunch of your warmest, bulkiest, pullover sweaters, these take up a lot of room in your luggage. While you may want to bring one of your favorite cozy pullovers, don’t plan on packing one to wear every day. Instead, think in layers. Not only are layers recommended for sealing in warmth by creating heat barriers, but they are also much easier to pack and more versatile for outfit changes.

Instead of the giant cable-knit sweaters, think flannels, fleece, and vests, as well as thermal underwear.

Packing a Punch with What You Pack

An ideal packing list for a winter travel wardrobe is four long-sleeved shirts in similar color palettes. Choose knits, flannels, and fleece for warmth. These should all mix and match with each other and with all pants that you pack. Include at least one tunic-style top for dressier wear with your leggings.

You’ll also want to pack at least one winter cardigan and one hooded sweatshirt for another outer layer that’s versatile enough to wear indoors when it’s drafty, and outdoors as an added layer under your coat. Hoodie for casual, cardigan for a dressier look.

Pack four sets of pants. These should be in solid colors that match with all the tops you packed. You can’t go wrong with black, gray, tan, and blue jeans. Jeans are a little thick and heavy for packing, but they are worth their weight because they can be worn more than once without washing. Leggings are also great and versatile enough to look casual or dressy, depending on what you pair them with.

One or two dresses should be packed, unless your trip is very woodsy and you don’t intend to eat out or have a date night on the town. A sweater-dress or warm wrap dress is ideal for winter travel wear.

Carry a Coat and Pack Another

For winter travel, you should bring two coats. The easiest way to do this is to wear or carry one with you during travel, and pack another. Ideally, you should have one hooded down jacket, and one warm overcoat for dressier occasions. While you don’t want either coat to clash with what you packed to wear underneath, it’s okay to go with a more vibrant color for your coats. On a winter trip, most of your photos will be outdoors and a vividly colored coat will make you pop in your pictures—especially against a white, snowy backdrop.

You’ll Need Warm Underwear Under There

No matter what you are wearing for outerwear, you will need warm winter underwear for winter wonderland vacations. Pack two or three sets of thermal underwear. These can double as pajamas which will save room in your suitcase.

You should also have enough underwear and bras to get you through several days without doing laundry. Don’t forget to pack warm socks and at least one pair of very warm wool socks to wear on outdoor adventures in the snow.

You can skimp on packing panties and socks and save room in your bag if you wash your underwear and socks while you are showering. Scrub them with your soap or shampoo and hang over the shower curtain rack to dry.

Add Your Accessories

For winter travel, accessories are more important than ever. Not only can a colorful scarf dress up your neutral-heavy mix and match day wear, but it can also keep you warm outside. Pack one decorative scarf and two warm winter scarves. You should also have two pairs of mittens or gloves, so you can wear one pair while another pair dries. Also, pack at least two winter hats that will look great with either of your two coats.

Make sure the purse or bag that you carry on the plane matches the color palette that you chose for your shirts and pants so you only need one bag. This also helps limit the possibility of misplacing important items like phone and passport when transferring items between purses.

Sunglasses are a must for counteracting the glare and glitter of winter white snow and sunshine.

Basic Boots

You will need one pair of good winter boots. If you are leaving from a cool area, you can simply wear your boots on the trip to save up space in your suitcase. Slip-on boots are ideal for airport security checkpoints because they are easy to slip on and off. If you plan a date night or night out, pack a pair of ballerina flats in your bag. They work with dresses, jeans, and leggings, and take up very little room.

Cold-Weather Must-Haves

Don’t forget to throw a few extras in your makeup or grooming bag. Winter weather wreaks havoc on your skin, especially if you are going from a warmer, more humid climate into cold winter wind. Be sure to bring one of the best face moisturizers for dry skin and put it on at night and in the morning to heal and prevent chapping and sun damage. A good hand and body lotion, a broad-spectrum sunscreen, and chapstick are also essential. A tinted protective lip balm can double as lip color on your trip to save room in your makeup bag.

Don’t forget that rolling your items to pack in your suitcase gives you room to pack nearly double what you could fit in the same space with folded clothes. So roll your clothes, zip up your suitcase, and head for your favorite winter wonderland!

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