The 10 Best Designer Luggage Pieces to Travel in Style

The 10 Best Designer Luggage Pieces to Travel in Style
The 10 Best Designer Luggage Pieces to Travel in Style


Quality over quantity never rings truer than when it comes to luggage brands. Trust us on this: The best designer suitcase will last you forever. Selecting the right suitcase is a two-part process; the exterior and interior are equally important. A travel bag should be durable and practical, but your luggage says more about you than you think. When you travel, how you look is how you feel. It’s all about striking the balance between sophistication and comfort, even when you’re racing through TSA with your carry-on.

That being said, you want to pick a bag that feels like you. As Jonathan Adler, the king of modern American interior design and resident jet-setter, puts it, “Just like in Harry Potter where the wand chooses the wizard, I’m a firm believer that luggage selects the lugger.” You’ll know the right bag when you see it. For Adler, it’s not always about the price. “For me, it’s a full suite of L.L.Bean’s totes. The small camo-print Hunter’s Tote carries my iPad, hand sani, and a muffin or three. I put my shorter half, Simon Doonan, in a large tote and shove that above my seat—voila! No more mishegas!”

But Adler has his own swankiness going on, and for others, dishing out a little extra for the designer piece gives them a swagger of their own. Maybe it’s the classic Louis Vuitton weekender bag that gives you the extra boost of confidence in the security line. Maybe it’s the logo-printed Gucci case that makes checking your bag feel somewhat honorable. Or maybe it’s just spotting your TUMI carry-on and feeling secure in its presence. Whatever your suitcase selection, be certain of it. If you decide to go the designer route and need some help choosing a case, we’ve got you covered with 10 of the best designer suitcase options out there. Time to get packing.

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Best Subtly Monogrammed Designer Luggage


Off The Grid Small Cabin Trolley

Best Vintage-Inspired Designer Luggage

The Entrepreneur

Navy Check In Spinner

Height 24″
Width 16″
Depth 8″

Best Leather Designer Luggage


Weekender Bag

Depth 9.5″
Height 10.2″
Width 19″

Best Quality Designer Luggage


Extended Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case

Depth 11″
Height 30.5″
Width 20″

Best Embroidered Designer Luggage

Golden Goose

Embroidered Weekend Holdall Bag

Depth 11.8″
Height 11″
Width 21.3″

Best Iconic Designer Luggage

Louis Vuitton

Keepall Bandoulière 45

Length 17.7″
Height 10.6″
Width 7.9″

Best Understated Designer Luggage

The Row

Logan Zip Duffel Bag

Depth 9.1″
Height 10.2″
Width 15.7″

Best Nylon Designer Luggage


Triangle Logo-Patch Duffel Bag

Depth 9.1″
Height 11″
Width 17.1″

Best Ergonomic Designer Luggage


Quote-Motif Translucent Cabin Luggage

Depth 8.7″
Height 19.2″
Width 14.2″

Best Monochrome Designer Luggage


Lingot 50 Bag

Depth 8.5″
Height 10″
Width 19.5″

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