‘Burned out’: Nurses join travel nursing agencies for more flexibility, higher pay

As Nova Scotia grapples with a health-care system under strain, some nurses in the province are signing contracts with travel nursing agencies to work elsewhere in Canada.

Higher pay and more flexible schedules are two reasons early career nurses are leaving Nova Scotia hospitals, as Nova Scotia Health struggles to fill 1,024 vacant nursing positions and concerns about working conditions persist. 

Some Nova Scotian travel nurses say there are no retention strategies in place to keep nurses here and alleviate staffing shortages. And there are no incentives for travel nurses to return to full-time staff positions, they say, because they 

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Travel Time Plays Key Role in Nursing Home Visitation Rates Amid Looming Closures

While the rate of visitation is known to play a crucial role in nursing home choice and offers positive benefits for residents and staff, this statistic has become even more significant in the face of potentially hundreds of nursing home closures.

Travel time, for one, plays a significant role in visit probability, and in turn nursing home choice, as facilities particularly in rural and underserved areas face closures. Residents and their families are sometimes separated 40-plus miles from each other as operators make the difficult choice to close their doors to the community.

More than two years years of a

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