Expensive Family Vacation to Oahu, Hawaii, With Kids Is Worth the Cost

Right away, my research showed it would be pricey. I ruled out my first island choice, Maui, and decided on Oahu as it was more affordable.

Little girl with a pink hat on sitting in a shallow lagoon with palm trees in the distance.

The author’s daughter in the lagoon at Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Emily Hochberg/Insider

I’ve spent time on Maui before and love it for the variety of activities and ample natural beauty.

I thought Maui would be more remote-feeling than built-up Oahu but more family-friendly with a young child than Kauai or the Big Island, known for great hiking that we knew we wouldn’t do with a young, fidgety child.

I found cheap flight deals to

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The Most Expensive Tourist Destinations in the US

San Francisco, California, USA city skyline.

Sean Pavone / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Staying stateside is often a great way to cut costs while traveling. But vacations in the U.S. aren’t all created equal when it comes to certain expenses.

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After reviewing rankings from a variety of travel sites to determine the nation’s most popular U.S. tourist attractions, GOBankingRates calculated food and drink costs, the average nightly rate for the three least-expensive hotels in the area, as well as airfare averages, to find out which destinations might be the

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