My Family Took Amtrak Through 4 States for $22, Better Than Flying

My Family Took Amtrak Through 4 States for , Better Than Flying

The Amtrak interiors weren’t nearly as nice as the stations, but our seats in coach were surprisingly comfortable.

view of train aisle coach section Amtrak train

There was an unfortunate-looking stain on the carpet of one of my trains.

Amanda Adler

For this trip, we traveled strictly in coach-class cabins. 

Each one’s interior had a utilitarian design that lacked big, scenic windows and plush seating. It was practical for our purposes, but having previously traveled on much nicer trains, like the Amtrak Coast Starlight and trains throughout Europe, I had to manage my expectations for this journey.

I saw some pretty worn-down carpeting and upholstery, and the bathrooms left much to be desired. However, I did find the seats to be pretty comfortable and a lot wider than the coach seats on many planes. 

Large tray tables made it easy to work, eat, play games, or just prop up a tablet for movie-watching, and I could easily get up to stretch my legs as needed. 

On one train, we sat in the Quiet Car, where conversations are limited to a low volume. It made that leg of the trip even more peaceful, and it was a great option for those looking for a safe space away from crying babies and other noisy seatmates.