! Murcia Today – Camping And Motorhome Tourism In Murcia Continues To Grow In Popularity, With Mazarron In The Lead

! Murcia Today – Camping And Motorhome Tourism In Murcia Continues To Grow In Popularity, With Mazarron In The Lead

Of all non-hotel tourism, it was only Murcia’s camping grounds that improved their year-on-year figures

Camping and motorhome tourism in Murcia continues to grow in popularity, with Mazarron in the lead

The campsites in the Region of Murcia were the best performers out of all non-hotel accommodation this January, with more than 8,000 people staying at campsites in the Region and an occupancy rate of 48.55%.


According to the INE (National Statistics Institute), the occupancy rate at campsites in January was 49% for the whole Costa Cálida, 36.2% in Cartagena and a whopping 77% in Mazarrón – the best performing area of all.


Of all non-hotel tourism, only the Region’s campsites improved their figures from a year ago. The average stay in Murcia campsites this January was 16.02 days, making it the highest in the whole of Spain, where the national average was 7.32 days.


The director of the Institute of Tourism (Itrem), Juan Francisco Martínez, explained, “These data respond to the new habits of tourists, enhanced after the outbreak of the pandemic, which drives visitors to seek more independence and privacy in environments that can be urban, coastal and close to natural landscapes.”


According to the INE, Cartagena is the second tourist destination in Spain with the most overnight stays, just behind Benidorm, with 55,330 overnight stays. Mazarrón is in fifth position with 41,307 overnight stays.


As for the rest of the non-hotel tourist accommodation in Murcia, tourist rental flats had 4,581 people staying there and a 26% occupancy rate. In rural houses used for tourist accommodation, there were 1,153 travellers and the occupancy rate only reached 7% for bedplaces.


For the nine hostels in Murcia, there were 992 travellers and the occupancy rate was 10.21%.


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