How Waterproof Is Your Boat Cover?

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How Waterproof Is Your Boat Cover?

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How Waterproof Is Your Boat Cover?Read the tag on your boat cover, ATV cover, or motorcycle cover, and you’ll probably see terms like “waterproof,” “water-resistant,” and “water-repellent.” You might think they all mean the same thing, but the truth is that there’s a difference between a waterproof cover and a water-resistant cover. Water-repellent (also water-resistant): “treated with a finish that is resistant but not impervious to penetration by water” Water-resistant and water-repellent essentially mean the same thing. A water-resistant cover is specially treated to resist water, but in heavy rains, water may still get through. Water-resistant covers only prevent water from getting through the cover up to a certain point. Your boat or ATV may still get wet in a downpour.

A waterproof cover, on the other hand, is designed to keep out heavy rains. The seams are taped or sealed to keep water from entering through the tiny needle holes in the fabric seams. Although a waterproof cover sounds like the better of the two types of covers, it does have its weaknesses. First, the time and effort required to waterproof a cover adds to the overall cost. If you choose a waterproof cover over a water-resistant one, be prepared to shell out the extra change.

Second, because of the water-tight nature of a waterproof cover, any condensation that builds up under the cover stays under the cover and can potentially cause moisture damage to your boat or vehicle. That’s why some manufacturers design their waterproof covers with vents to allow the condensation to evaporate and to prevent moisture damage. A breathable, waterproof cover will fully protect your boat, ATV, or other powersports vehicle from exterior and interior moisture. Also keep in mind that one boat or motorcycle cover may be more waterproof than another, depending on the quality of the fabric and its resistance to water pressure. According to Wikipedia, “water resistance is measured by the amount of water, in millimeters, which can be suspended above the fabric before water seeps through.” So the more water pressure that a piece of fabric cover can withstand, the more likely it will be to keep your boat or motorcycle dry in heavy rain or snow.

Essential ATV Safety Tips An Operator Should Follow

ATV’s are also made street legal in some states while some do not allow this type of vehicles in streets. This type of machine is only intended for a single operator and thus it should be followed to prevent any accidents. Since we already belong in a highly modernized world, this type of vehicle has been developed and improved and turned into one passenger and one operator vehicle. This is called tandem ATV’s.

When you feel bored, you can plan together with your friends on a fun ATV adventure. But rest assured that you follow safety precautions to keep you protected at all times. In operating this type of vehicle, the operator or the rider sits on and operates the vehicle just similar to how he operates a motorcycle. The extra wheels of the ATV give more stability when you run the vehicle at the lower speed. You can commonly see ATV’s with three wheels but mostly it has four wheels.

Your major responsibility while riding on this type of vehicle is your safety. It should be your priority and must follow safety precaution to prevent possible accidents. If you have not driven this type of vehicle before, you need to undergo training first just like how you should undergo training when it comes to the use of the different tazers for sale in the market. Undergoing an ATV safety training course will enable you to have clear knowledge on how to operate the machine. It will also give you an insight on what you need to avoid, what you need to wear and insight into the possibilities of being in an accident.

Like any other vehicle, safety gears are essential to keep you protected from possible injuries if in case you encounter an accident. The most common ATV injuries are head injuries which is very fatal. If no safety gear such as a helmet is worn, the risk for head injury is great. Gloves, goggles are also necessary to wear. Proper riding boots is also required. For those who will be joining an ATV race, they are advised to wear chest protector, knee and elbow shin guards to protect from possible injuries.

The most important thing to do before using your ATV is to check the vehicle. Check if there are leaking parts if there is enough oil, fuel and brake fluid. If there are leaks, better not use the vehicle but rather send it to the service shop and have it fixed. Keep the vehicle clean at all times and this includes freeing the vehicle from rust. Change in weather conditions can severely damage the machine that is why you need to purchase atv covers to protect it from the heat of the sun or from the cold weather condition just similar to how tazer holsters protect the tazer from acquiring any damages most especially accidental use.

If you follow these simple safety tips, you are guaranteed a fun ATV ride. Learn to apply these tips even if you are not riding on an ATV. The tips can also be applied to any types of the motor vehicle as well.

ATV Storage Covers

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) can move on different surfaces. Whether you’re going up a mountain, over a rocky road or crossing a road covered with water, an ATV can safely transport you in style. Of the many accessories you’ll find for one of these, the most useful is a cover.

What makes a simple cover so important? Why do people need it? The main reason is because it protects your ATV from the sun, snow and rain, and keeps it dry and clean. This means you’ll spend less time cleaning and washing your machine and will have more time using it on the road. A good cover should be waterproof and keep mildew away from your vehicle. It should also be UV resistant to shield it from the harmful rays of the sun. When selecting a cover, choose one made of a durable but breathable material that won’t scratch the tank or chrome parts and won’t trap moisture.

Unfortunately, finding a quality cover for your ATV can be difficult since these are usually sold at specialty shops. To save time, buy online to find the cover you need. Buying online makes things easier. Most covers are universal and can fit just about any ATV. But it’s better if you can find one that perfectly fits your vehicle otherwise a loose cover can be blown away by strong winds.

Pick covers that come with a packing bag for easy access and transport. This can come in handy when you need it. Covers with elasticized bottoms are common nowadays and are another option. Shop around until you find one that suits your needs. Your choice will make a big difference in preserving the looks of your ATV and enjoying it for many years. Looking for the right cover for your vehicle?

Depending on where you live, there is an enormous need for tarps for numerous reasons, from protecting your home to your ATV, covering kennels to four wheelers to wood piles, tarps come in many shapes and sizes and prices too. If you are looking for a tarp and are looking for the best price be sure to check all of your options out on the internet too. Online shopping as come so far in recent years it’s almost a “no-brainer”. Where else can you compare so many retailers without using a single drop of gas. With all of the safeguards out there to ensure a positive safe transaction, you will not be disappointed by what you find. Here are a few helpful tips for finding low cost tarps. By following these steps you can make sure you don’t spend too much but aren’t left out in the rain either.

When looking for your tarp you need to determine what exactly your application is going to be, as many would think tarps are universal they are actually quite different depending on the job requirements. Determine the size you will need and allow room for excess to allow proper coverage. Decide what requirements the tarp has to have for you, for example, you would need a thicker all weather grade tarp for covering roof damage. Where as you may want something lighter weight and breathable for camping use. When shopping online be specific in your needs if you need a 5′ by 10′ tarp of a certain grade ask for it in your search. The best places to locate the best deals are your main search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and All of these search engines have a shopping link that will generally allow you to sort search results in regard to best match or best price. This allows to you see all of the retailers side by side and compare apples to apples when comparing prices. Once you have located the best price don’t be afraid to contact the company for advice in your final selection. A knowledgeable staff will gladly confirm that the one you have selected will meet your needs. Most online retailers are also offering a price match guaranty; ask for promotional codes or seasonal discounts. Many retailers will be glad to help you get the best price because they value you as a customer. By spending a bit of time researching your options it is easy to find what you need at the price you want. Use the tools at your disposal to locate and compare the tarp retailers.

Honda ATV Accessories Boost Looks And Performance For ATV Riders

There is a full selection of products for all the Honda ATV models, including the TRX 700 XX, TRX 450 R, TRX 400 EX, TRX 300 EX, TRX 250 X, TRX 250 EX, TRX 250 R, Rincon, Rubicon, Foreman, Rancher, Recon and Youth Quads. The parts and accessories available for these Honda models online include upgrades for the stock exhaust system. There are also power upgrades to boost the performance of your ATV engine. Fuel intake upgrades are also available. Hand guard replacements are popular. You can also get your ATV track system online.

Honda ATV accessories for Youth Quads and mini quads include the Big Gun Evo Mini Series full exhaust system. The complete system can be purchased together, saving you both time and money. Wheel spacers for the Mini Quad are also available online. Wheels and tires are at excellent prices, as are winches and towing supplies. Lift kits and suspension parts are online as well as axles and other accessories. Maintenance parts such as carb repair kits, stainless steel oil filters, batteries, gas stabilizers for storing your ATV during the off season, brake fluid and tire plug kits are also sold at great prices. iPod holders are for sale to fit any Honda ATV that you need to carry your iPod along on. Complete shaft kits are available as well as utility ATV bumpers. If you want to ride in water logged areas, snorkel kits are for sale as well. These snorkel kits have been tested and proven in the worst swamps of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida to insure that they will stand up to the rigors of your ride. Honda ATV accessories can help you enjoy your ATV no matter what you use it for. For working on the farm, for deer hunting or for riding just for fun, the right accessories and parts will make your ATV perform better and help it to keep up with your active life style. Shop online for the best selection and the best prices.