How to Save Money on All-Inclusive Resort Vacation

How to Save Money on All-Inclusive Resort Vacation
Donald Wood

by Donald Wood
on April 7, 2023
Last updated: 10:50 AM ET, Fri April 7, 2023

Booking a vacation at an all-inclusive
resort is already a budget-minded decision since lodging, food, drinks and
some activities are included in the price.

But what about the travelers looking to get the most for
their all-inclusive buck?

While using a travel advisor will always remain the best way
to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch—agents also fix the issues that arise—there
are several tips and tricks to saving cash when booking an all-inclusive

One of the biggest keys to saving money when planning a
vacation is to book early. Not only do some travel companies offer deals when tourists
pay well ahead of time, but booking early also ensures travelers get the best
rooms in the most popular destinations without the fear of missing out.

“My No. 1 piece of advice on how to save money on an all-inclusive
vacation is to BOOK EARLY,”
Owner Tyson Wharton said. “The demand is real and the resorts and airlines know
that. The era of last-minute cheap deals is over.”

Another option is using credit
card reward points, airline miles and loyalty programs for discounted or
even free, all-inclusive stays. By racking up points throughout the year through
regular purchases and other travel, the reward programs can be a great way to
save money.

Travelers should check with each loyalty brand to see if any
surcharges apply when booking rewards, especially when booking a vacation with
multiple people.

“There are opportunities to save money by booking in
advance, taking advantage of discount and/or free upgrade promotional offers or
by booking the room and flights together as a package,”
President Tom Brussow said.

When booking a family trip, tourists should consider finding
an all-inclusive resort that allows children of a certain age to stay
free or at a discounted rate with paid adults, based on the current
promotions or time of year.

“In my opinion, it is really not about purely saving money
but about getting the best value and vacation experience for your money,” Brussow
continued. “The key is to match the customer with the right resort for their
specific wants, needs, and budget, i.e. food, beach, romance, spa, room
amenities and type, activities etc.”

There are many tips and tricks to pinch a few pennies, but
the best course of action before any big adventure is to consult a travel
advisor. With a wealth of knowledge in the booking process and familiarity with
top destinations thanks to first-hand experience, there is no better way to
save money than by working with an agent.

“Using an advisor is important not only for finding the best
pricing, but for also having your back if and when things go wrong,” Wharton
continued. “Parts of the travel industry have changed and things might not be
the same since COVID. Even a seasoned traveler can run into delays,
cancellations and more.”

Booking a dream vacation can become a nightmare for
travelers going outside their comfort zone. By using
an advisor, people will have peace of mind and can more thoroughly enjoy
their time in paradise, which is worth its weight in gold. 

No matter which method travelers use to save money on their vacation,
all-inclusive resorts remain one of the best options for tourists booking on a

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