Hogwarts Express is Coming to Long Island in March 2023

Hogwarts Express is Coming to Long Island in March 2023

Long Island Airstream Experience announced the news on social media this week.

In 2023 little wizards are going to get a big treat as a local company plans to bring The Hogwarts Express to Long Island. The announcement was made on Facebook this week.


“We are going to deliver a one-of-a-kind at-home party experience that doesn’t exist ANYWHERE else: the Hogwarts Express right to your front door,” Long Island Airstream Experience proclaimed.


The Long Island Airstream Experience is an entertainment company with over a dozen different themed airstream trailers that come to your home or event for both adult and childrens parties.


Want to smoke some stogies and drink whiskey? There’s a trailer package for that. Want to throw some axes or eat tacos? They have a trailer for that. Escape room? Check. Camping? Check.


Want to transport yourself to a magical place? Now they have a trailer for that as well!


Hogwarts Express is Coming to Long Island in March 2023

Airstream being transformed into the Polar Express train. Photo: Long Island Airstream Experience Facebook page.


First, this holiday season the company will be premiering the Polar Express starting on Black Friday in November. We spoke with the folks there and they said that the Holiday experience will be available for rent to come to your home, party, or corporate event. Anything you might want to treat the youngsters (or the young at heart) to a wintertime adventure.


After the magic of the holidays is over, the tinkerers at Long Island Airstream Experience will be transforming the Polar Express into a visitor from another magical land: Harry Potter’s universe.


Miggles and wizards on Long Islander will be able to catch the Hogwarts Express. The fully-licensed train from the wizarding world will roll up at your party or event.


Concept of the Hogswart Express airstream conversion. Photo: Long Island Airstream Experience Facebook page.


“Imagine the shock on everyone’s face as this pulls up; a truly wow moment,” the company announced on their Facebook page. “Get sorted into your house with the sorting hat and grab some robes; then come hang inside for some Berties Beans and Chocolate Frogs! Then time to check out the Wand Making, Potion Creation and Herbology stations!  We got soooooo many more surprises in store for ya: you DON’T want to miss this one!”


The company confirmed that the Hogwarts Express will be available in March 2023.


Long Island Airstream Experience started in 2017 with one themed trailer: Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon Experience. After the success they expanded and have plans to grow even more.


“We currently have 14 Airstreams in operation, with three launching this year, and another eight slated for next year,” the company said.


The two train-themed airstreams are currently being built out, according to the company.


“The Hogwarts Express is still in a preliminary phase of development and design,” they told us. “We will have more details and information available soon. Currently the train is being set up as the Polar Express and then will be reconfigured.”


You can book a Long Island Airstream Experience by clicking here.