Forget Camping. This Sleek Tiny Home, With Working Plumbing, Can Be Built Anywhere in About an Hour.

Forget Camping. This Sleek Tiny Home, With Working Plumbing, Can Be Built Anywhere in About an Hour.

Need some extra guest space this holiday season? One company has a solution that’ll take just an hour of your time.

Vika Living, a Los Angeles–based tiny house start-up, recently unveiled its compact Accessory Dwelling Unit that only requires 60 minutes to build. Named Vika One, the 144-square-foot abode comes with weather-resistant, insulated panels and is prefabricated with all of the necessary wiring and plumbing. Its floor plan includes a shared bedroom, a living and dining room, a kitchen and a hidden compact bathroom. Named after the Swedish word for fold (vika), the collapsible home arrives on a truck flat-packed and then can simply be unfolded in the place of your choice.

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Vika One tiny home exterior

The exterior of the pop-up home.

Once you’ve unpacked and built the home, its 8.5-foot ceilings and 42-square-foot outdoor terrace will become more apparent—as will its floor-to-ceiling feature glass wall that could make for unforgettable glamping experiences under the night sky. Other key amenities such as a double bed, a table, chairs, a heating/cooling system, a shower, a toilet and storage units also come with the pop-up home. While city water, sewer and electrical hookups are required for the base model unit, Vika offers an upgraded version for locations without those utilities.

The company also offers an off-grid model, which comes complete with rooftop solar panels and batteries. It also uses water collection and an off-grid waste system for maintaining your hygiene on-the-go. “We’re focused on providing a flexible and economical housing alternative, without commitment to decades-long time frames or permanent structures,” Vika Living cofounders Scott Kevern and Jeff Howard told New Atlas. While the units make great home offices and eco-friendly retreats, they are also designed to provide shelter in emergency situations.

Vika One tiny home kitchen

Inside the kitchen with a view

“We hope to work with cities and NGOs across the US (and later internationally) for emergency shelter, disaster response and transitional housing applications,” Howard explained to New Atlas. The cofounders added that they’re on a “mission to provide a fleet of semi-permanent housing units to alleviate this $30-billion/year burden and house the hundreds of thousands of people in need while permanent construction plays catch-up.”

The company’s selection process for the foldable homes requires you to answer a series of questions, including where you plan to use the unit, your access to the proper vehicles, existing utilities and infrastructure as well as your project timeline. If the start-up determines you’re a good fit, you’ll then sign a contract and make a deposit to get the ball rolling. If the tiny house arrives and you feel a little out of your depth, Vika Living’s delivery team will help with the initial set-up and provide you with written instructions for building the new outpost.

Vika One tiny home bedroom

The bedroom space set in from of the floor-to-ceiling feature glass wall.

Vika One standard and off-grid models are available now for pre-order in the United States, for $38,000 and $45,000, respectively. Deliveries are expected to begin early 2023, with average shipping and set up fees ranging from $1,000 to $3,500 per unit. The company plans to begin shipping the tiny homes to additional select countries by the end of next year.

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