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We invite you to enjoy street art Amsterdam

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We invite you to enjoy street art AmsterdamIf you love visiting the Moco Museum, you are sure to enjoy every corner of street art Amsterdam.

We invite you to enjoy street art Amsterdam

If you love visiting the Moco Museum, you are sure to enjoy every corner of street art Amsterdam. Art is present in every corner for you to enjoy.In your next visit to Amsterdam, you can not miss a very particular place where street artists fill the walls of the buildings with colors. We know that many times people are attracted to museums like the Moco Museum. If you are a person who likes art that reflects a different touch of modern society, we invite you to visit it. You will not regret to know the various works of art that are exhibited in this museum. But you can’t miss the other kind of art either. We are talking about street art Amsterdam. A very particular way of bringing art to the streets of the city. No matter where you go, you will always find a corner full of color. Get ready for an adventure.

An abandoned shipping wharf area turned into art

Have you heard that they say that art can be made anywhere? You just need to be creative enough to do it. That’s exactly what street art Amsterdam has achieved in the north-west area of the city. We are talking about the NDSM warf. Founded in the 19th century, the NDSM (Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij) or Dutch Dock and Shipbuilding Company is a shipyard that was in operation for almost 100 years. In 1984 the company suffered a bankruptcy and had to close its doors due to the economic recession that caused many shipyards to close in Europe during that season. Today it has been used as a venue for artists, art exhibitions, festivals and much more. It is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

How to get to this particular part of the city

To get to the NDSM warf you must cross one of the many water canals of Amsterdam. To do this you can make use of the free GBV ferry service located at the back of the Central Station. The trip in total takes about 15 minutes where you can discover how the city looks like from the water. There are many examples of Amsterdam street art that you will find once you arrive. The Kranspoor office building will surprise you with its sheer size. You will find a large Anne Frank mural, painted by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra, on one of the walls of the Lasloods wharf building. Companies like MTV (Viacom) Benelux and Red Bull have their offices in this area. It’s a day-long visit, so be prepared to tour the entire NDSM warf.

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Vacation Ideas: Top Winter Destinations To Plan a Trip

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Vacation Ideas: Top Winter Destinations To Plan a TripVacation is a time to relax, enjoy nature, easing the tension that has built up during your work or school days.

It is very common for people to plan their vacation during the warm summer or move to a different country with warmer temperatures when there is winter in their homeland country.

A lot of people are closed off about vacationing during winter as the temperature is usually very low to allow some activities that would have been enjoyed better during the warm season.

With winter taking up to 3 straight months in a year, some people have taken this time and made good use of it by finding activities that can be enjoyed as the cold season progresses.

In case you are one of the other groups of people and may want to explore destinations you can visit during winter for fun activities, then this article is for you.

Ice Skating in Vienna

If Ice skating is on your vacation bucket list, there is no better place to ice skate than in Vienna.

Vienna offers quite a variety of winter-related activities, but ice skating tops its list. This activity has attracted a lot of domestic and international tourists as it’s becoming more popular each year.

If you may want to know more about places you can ice skate in Vienna, seek advice from your travel agent or better still search online. To mention a few, Vienna Ice Dream, City Hall skating, Eislaufverein, among others.

Skiing in Canada

One of the world’s top skiing destinations is in Canada. It has many skiing destinations with beautiful resorts.

Some of the most popular destinations for skiing in Canada include Whistler Blackcomb. It is best known to attract world-class skiing and snowboarding activities for athletes and tourists.

Another place that might interest you is Mont Tremblant, one of the best destinations for family-friendly skiing in Canada.

There is an endless list of beautiful destinations in Canada where you can go skiing with your family. To mention a few, you can look at Banff, Revelstoke, and Shames Mountain.

To get better insights on this, make sure you read more about how to choose the best destination for skiing.

Skiing is not the only winter activity that Canada is famous for. Canada is internationally known for ice hockey and in the recent past, has produced the best players.

While it might not be an activity for all, watching ice hockey can be a good way to pass time and enjoy your vacation with your family.

Ice Swimming in Finland.

Believe it or not, cold water swimming is a common activity in some countries. With this I don’t mean diving into a heated pool, I mean an actual frozen lake. I am already in love with this activity.

There are some health benefits of cold water swimming. Including, boosting your immune system, increasing blood circulation, burning calories, reducing stress among other benefits. All you need to do is grab yourself a swimsuit and off … Read More


8 Must-Seeing Things and places In Hong Kong

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8 Must-Seeing Things and places In Hong KongAre you touring Hong Kong for the first time? Don’t get idle here because there are a plethora of activities to do and several places to visit. Well, there is no denying that Hong Kong is not the best place for bars and all the glam on nightlife, but this is compensated for with the beautiful sceneries, shopping centers, culture, and many other tourist activities.

A trip to Hong Kong requires early plane bookings and other forms of preparation. When you prepare yourself early and book your tickets in advance, you will have the chance to choose only the best world-class planes to  fly from New York to Hong Kong. Once your plane lands, don’t forget to include the following amazing attractions in your list for Must- Seeing things and places in Hong Kong. Here they are:

1.   Tour the Temples

Hong Kong is overflowing with all kinds of temples that receive flocks of people every day. Don’t get confused; not everyone going to the temples are going to pray. A visit to the temple is more of a culture trip rather than a worship day. If you want to enjoy your visit, go to the temples from October to December and experience the cold, sunny, and pleasant weather.

However, the right thing with some of these temples, such as Man Mo Temple, is spacious enough to accommodate many tourists from all parts of the world. This makes it the best place for both illustrations and dedications.  Come and see how the local Chinese offer sacrifice to their gods; it is quite a fantastic display of culture.

2.   Happy Valley Racecourse

Just as the name suggests, Happy Valley Racecourse is no doubt a place of happiness. If you want a place to tour with the love of your life, bring all that romance here. Happy Valley Racecourse is known to host some of the best parties, including weddings.  Therefore, for the newly married couples, here is the place to celebrate the honeymoon. The background here is breathtaking, and you can take the best photos and have long-lasting memories of your vacation.

The place is also reputable for offering all types of new food staff, such as hot dogs, beer, among others. On matters security, you don’t have to worry because Happy Valley Racecourse gives the safety of its visitors’ priority. There are well-trained security personnel operating the area as well as electric fences, all offering additional protection.

3.   Meet Nathan Road

Nathan Road is another attraction point in Hong Kong, making your visit worth it. It features some of the attractive neon advertising signs. Besides, Nathan Road is artistically designed with light well spread all over the top buildings to create a unique look.

This fantastic road is found right in the middle of Hong Kong city, and if you love watching how beautiful this place can be, then join the rest at night. You’ll be amazed at the huge number of tourists that will flock here to witness … Read More


Visa Qatar

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Visa QatarIf you are here at the moment, it’s obvious that you are thinking about applying for Qatar but you just want to study all the visa requirements in detail so that your application gets approved. Well, if that’s the case then we first appreciate you on this step of yours because yes, this is something everyone must do. A little homework before applying for a visa for Qatar is a must and for this, there are platforms like Iavisa that can come in handy.

Speaking of Qatar visa, today we are here with some of the most important and basic information that you should know about. This information will help you in making your visa process for Qatar easier so make sure to take notes!

How Can I Get Qatar Visa?

Whether it’s a business visit or a family visit, if you want to stay in Qatar for more than 14 days then you’ll require a visit visa for that. For a visit visa, you need to get sponsorship of a person who is a resident in Qatar. If not a resident then you can even use a sponsorship of any hotel or any company that resides in Qatar. There are several types of visas offered by the Interior Ministry of Qatar. For example, there’s visit visa, visa in advance, visa on arrival and then the electronic notification. You can apply for any one of them based on your eligibility. 

How Much Is Visa To Qatar?

Visa to Qatar is a little expensive. As per the recent rates, for a 30 day visa, you will have to pay $68 and for a 96 hours visa, you’ll have to pay $44. All the charges for visa are supposed to be paid in US dollars so you should prepare some cash in that currency before applying for Qatar visa.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Visa To Qatar?

If you submit all the required documents and if your visa application is complete then it will take four days to the embassy to send you your visa via email. In case, you are traveling to Qatar with some company sponsorship and if that company already have an approval for the post and the nationality that you have selected then you can get your visa in as less as 2 days. In case you are traveling to Qatar without any sponsorship then the wiser thing to do is to find an agent because these people are pros when it comes to getting your visas approved. Yes, you will have to pay a little extra charges for the agent but at least you can then sit back and relax while your agent handles all the visa related chores for you.… Read More


Why to choose us for your Dubai desert safari trip?

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Why to choose us for your Dubai desert safari trip?

Dubai is a city which is famous because of many reasons, but I guess top of all the reasons it is famous because of Deserts that also Desert Safari. If you visited Dubai and not visited Desert Safari there, then why did you visited it?
Every time when we plan for a trip, the toughest questions that cross our mind are which tour operator to choose for our trip, Would that tour operator will give us a worth spending trip? Is it the correct decision we are taking while selecting this tour operator? And of course these are very obvious questions which one can think of.

We are here to answer all of your questions!

A link is provided at the end of this page you can have go on that link and can read reviews for our company to get a proof for the things mentioned below

Number of activities are performed at Desert Safari. Let’s talk about those activities:

Have you ever heard about dune bashing?
It is the most preferred activity at Desert Safari. You experience the calmness and softness of sand while dune bashing on the Red sand dunes. You should be dressed properly so that less amount of sand could enter your clothes. Our guides are there to guide you.

You must have heard about Quad biking I guess as t is the most famous activity Desert Safari. Quad bike is a kind of ride which you can ride on higher speed unlike other rides. Before riding it you will be guided how to use it. No one really needs a past experience of riding it, you will be guided in a way that you will quickly learn how to ride it. Also, the best part is that as you will be riding it in a desert so there would be very less chances of getting involved in any accident as there will be less number of people and least number of vehicles.

What about getting a ride on the humblest of creatures?
I am talking about camels. The fun you get from camel riding is a kind of fun which is difficult to get from any other ride at Desert Safari. In this ride neither you have to waste a number of your energy nor you have to fear of sand going inside your clothes. Once you are comfortable on camel then only the ride will begin.

Getting a chance to see sunsets.
You can get this chance only in an evening desert safari. Get the most beautiful experience of your desert safari trip. Just imagine that view you will get when the sun will touch the sand and wil get disappear in minutes spreading darkness all over the desert. We have the best Evening Desert Safari Deals, book yours to see this pleasing view.

We at can be trusted for an amazing Desert Safari Dubai Trip. So what are you waiting for? Book your deal now!… Read More