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How to Clean Carpet at Home Easily

Posted in : General Artikel on by : Ongky Firmansyah

How to Clean Carpet at Home EasilyThe maintenance factor of a carpet is always necessary so that the carpet that we use is not easily exposed to bacteria and germs, not easily soiled from dust, etc. Caring for the carpet does need more special handling as offered by carpet cleaning services such as Carmel Carpet Cleaning, but that does not mean it is difficult to do. Here are a few tips for caring for a carpet or how to clean the carpet so that the carpet we have at home is always clean and comfortable to live in.

Install the Doormat

A doormat is a must have for every home in order to maintain cleanliness in our homes. Installing doormats is one of the tips for maintaining cleanliness in the carpet that we have. It’s easy, put the mat near the room where the carpet is. Its function is to maintain that when stepping on the carpet there are no stains attached to the carpet. Try when entering the house or stepping on the carpet to remove footwear first. If possible, place a mat on the corner of the room in our house. For example, in front of the living room door, in front of the bathroom, in the kitchen, in front of the freezer, in front of the prayer room and others.

Using a Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning carpets. A vacuum cleaner is familiar in our ears because so many people use it. Usually, not only on the carpet, but a vacuum cleaner is also often used to clean the floor. Vacuum cleaner vacuuming the dust on the carpet, and dirt such as pieces of paper, plastic and so on. How to use it is also quite easy. Try when using this method, it is better to use it at the end of the activity or the beginning of the activity. For example, at night or in the morning. In order not to disturb people who are in the house, especially those who are relaxing on the carpet.

Washing Routine

One tip is something that is very mandatory for carpet owners. Old carpets that are used, even if they look clean if they have never been washed, will be easily damaged and dull. The way this one is the most absolute for the carpet owner. One very good treatment is to wash regularly. Besides our clean rugs, carpets will be durable when routinely carried out by the owner. Do this method with a period of at least once a month.

Using Salt

Salt is a kitchen material that is made for flavoring cooking. Salt can also be used to clean carpets. The method is very easy. Mix salt in warm water and place it on a carpet exposed to dirt or stains. Then brush the area, and the old dirt will disappear due to exposure to saltwater. Do not forget to rinse with scented soap, so that the carpet we have smells good when finished washing.

With Baking Soda

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