Camping World working on resolution for Holiday couple whose Winnebago was stolen off lot

HOLIDAY, Fla. (WFLA) — When Kevin and Beverly Hunt’s RV was stolen from Camping World in Holiday, and they couldn’t get anywhere with the dealership, they contacted 8 on Your Side.

The Hunts say representatives from the company have now been in contact with them, but the contact hasn’t been entirely positive.

Beverly Hunt says she is dumbfounded.

“The last comment we got was, ‘you are trying to take advantage of the situation. Contact your insurance company,’” she said.

Hunt wonders why, if the couple’s camper was stolen while Camping World had care and custody of the vehicle, her insurance company would be on the hook for damages?

Authorities say they found 24-year old Matthew Evans driving the stolen Winnebago on Aug. 1. When Florida Highway Patrol troopers tried pulling him over, they say he refused to stop. They deployed stop sticks and eventually the camper was disabled and he surrendered peacefully.

In the back of the patrol car, troopers say he told them the stop sticks weren’t necessary.

“You know you guys didn’t have to throw out those spikes,” Evans allegedly said. “I was about to run out of gas.”

When the Hunts finally got a look at their stolen “home away from home” it was trashed.

“He smoked in it, there are cigarette butts everywhere,” Beverly Hunt said. “There’s a moldy piece of lasagna in the microwave, there’s rotten food in the refrigerator, drug paraphernalia in the bedroom.”

Camping World has now issued a statement on the situation.

“Camping World is currently engaging in active discussions with Mr. Hunt and the respective insurance companies to address this situation,” the statement reads. “Camping World will also continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement in their investigation.”

Attorney and radio personality Dominic Fariello, believes Camping World’s insurance carrier should foot the bill for damages.

“That’s why you pay for insurance,” Fariello said. “That way, if something happens, you have protection – i.e. someone steals an RV off of the lot. “

Fariello adds, it may take time and a lot of patience.

“If the folks are patient, don’t go through your own policy if you don’t have to. Don’t have a claim on your record, don’t lose your deductible,” Fariello said. “And hopefully, the folks at Camping World will do the right thing – or I should say their insurance carrier.”