Cabeau’s TNE S3: The Neck’s Evolution is now available to shop

Cabeau’s TNE S3: The Neck’s Evolution is now available to shop

Red-eye and long-haul flights are rarely fun in economy seats — especially if you’re relying on the flight to deliver a little extra shut-eye while you’re en route. Rather than lolling your head onto a stranger’s shoulder next door or waking up with a crick in your neck, having a travel pillow can be super-handy — and Cabeau, the maker of our favorite neck pillow, has just dropped a reimagined version that’s far from full of (styrofoam) beans.

A highly anticipated entry from our 2023 new product Watch List, the new TNE S3: The Neck’s Evolution pillow goes for $50 and is all about comfort and an anti-slip, secure fit, so you don’t have an unpleasant awakening mid-snooze.

cabeau tne s3 red cnnu.jpg

The Cabeau Evolution S3 is our pick for best travel pillow. Now Cabeau’s newest neck pillow, TNE S3: The Neck’s Evolution, has all of these attributes, and one important new innovation: a chin strap that supports the head and prevents drooping, keeping your neck aligned while you snooze.

One of the most innovative new features: a chin strap that links the two ends of the C-shaped pillow, so you can rest your chin and avoid head drops while sleeping (a great way to eliminate the chance of neck pain when you wake up). The pillow also boasts a seat strap that allows you to attach it to any seat, and a fully-customizable fit helps keep your spine aligned, while raised side supports help stabilize your noggin. Also included? A compact travel case and ear plugs for a sound slumber.

You can buy Cabeau’s TNE S3: The Neck’s Evolution direct from the brand’s site or on Amazon in six colorways — all named after a different international city — right now.