Best Ways to Save on 2023 Flights

A new study by reveals the best ways to save on flights this year after analyzing 917 million flight prices across 8,000 markets in the nation as part of its 9th annual Airfare Study.

The best time to purchase flights? Forty-six to 164 days prior to the departure date. The sweet spot or average best booking day is 70 days prior to the departure date, which is six days earlier than the best time in 2022.


This is largely due to the high demand for travel, staffing shortages and fuel prices. Booking early, unlike during the period when the pandemic was waning, is once again the best way to save money on flights.

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Other factors include seat location, destination, flight experience and more. Wednesday, for example, is the cheapest day of the week to fly, saving an average of $100 per ticket compared to the most expensive day to fly, which is Sunday.

Is there a best day of the week to purchase flights? The report found that there actually isn’t; the average low fare varies by less than one dollar day by day. That doesn’t mean the prices don’t vary greatly, though – the report also found that from the time a flight goes on sale, the fare changes on average 49 times, with an average price change of $43 each time.

The study also revealed the cheapest months to fly are February and January. Travelers enjoying trips in December and July will find the prices the highest of them all this year. Summer travelers should especially book their flights now to get better prices, while winter travelers, besides holiday travelers, can enjoy booking cheaper flights closer to their travel dates.

“At we utilize our first-hand data to provide a fully transparent booking experience, recognizing there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to travel. We understand how important it is, especially with last year’s complications, to share relevant trends and tips to help consumers make the best travel decisions,” said CEO Jeff Klee.

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