A Creative Travel Adventure For The Curious Soul

A Creative Travel Adventure For The Curious Soul

Mexico is a land filled with many mysteries. In Mexico, there are In Mexico, there are mysterious lost cities with popular ancient ruins; one of them is the remarkable archeological site of La Quemada, which still retains some of its mystery to date. Any curious traveler who would like to tour Mexico will surely love to learn about some of the most mysterious and haunted destinations in Mexico.

Bold and mystery-loving tourists must prepare their minds for some of the strangest stories ever heard in history. Tourists who love to visit these places should get ready for a wild adventure of ghoul stories, haunted houses, and a decision of whether to visit or not to visit.


The Mystery Of Juan Del Monte: The Jungles Of Quintana Roo

The jungles and water holes of Quintana Roo
Image by Olivia Crosswell from Pixabay 

The jungles and water holes of Quintana Roo

The Jungle of Quintana Roo is home to some of the most luxurious resorts with the best scenery in Mexico. Quintana Roo is also home to rainforests like Boca del Puma, Manglares de Holbox, Selva Muyil, majestic rivers, and tropical beaches. The jungle environment is also quite luscious and inviting. In this jungle, there is the super cool Secret Maroma Beach, the live Aqua beach resort, and the Paradisus Cancun that feels like an actual visit to paradise, which is also listed as one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Cancun.

However, nothing prepares tourists for the great prominent mystery of the rainforests of Quintana Roo. This jungle was also listed among the 20 places in Mexico never to set foot in. In this vegetation is the mystic being that is said to haunt the jungles. Many have come up with different stories and ideologies on how to explain this creature and what his aim could be. This creature is Juan Del Monte—some say he is the protector of the jungle, and this is why he scares away anyone who visits and leads them down the wrong path. Others say he has the appearance of a man and speaks like a man, and he is not some scary creature.

Whether these speculations are true or not, the conclusion of this great mystery is that one has to see for themselves to determine if Juan Del Monte really exists or if it is just one of the scary stories told to scare people away from the jungle. Bold and fearless tourists can visit the rainforests of Quintana Roo to find out.

How To Get To Quintana Roo Rainforests

To visit the rainforests, tourists can go through several routes because there are many rainforests and resorts in Quintana Roo, Cancun, Mexico. To get to Quintana Roo, tourists should take a flight to Cancun International Airport and take a bus or cab to Quintana Roo. From there, tourists can easily access the well-known jungles by asking for directions from the driver or locals.

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The Mystery Of Edward James Surrealist Garden

The Edward James Garden
Via: Wikimedia Commons

The Edward James Surrealist Garden

Edward James believed in the art of bringing mere imaginations and unreal thoughts to life. This he did with the Las Pozas Sculpture Surrealist Garden. Edward James had always been a patron of surrealism, which started in 1918. In 1947, Edward took to Huasteca Potosina, which is great to visit during the dry season and is one of the best destinations in Mexico known for its waterfalls and natural beauty. There, he made his dream come true. Together with his friend, Plutarco, he bought a plot of land, and they built the sculpture garden.

According to Wikipedia, the Las Pozas has many surrealist buildings, which are 2000 feet above sea level, with 80 acres of waterfalls and pools. One can see many surrealist sculptures as soon as they step into the garden.

Edward wanted to create his own version of how he saw the garden of Eden, and his visualization and thoughts can be seen as soon as one steps into the Las Pozas garden. In the garden, tourists will encounter doors that lead nowhere and majestic paradise-like waterfalls and stairways. Many who have visited the garden could deduce that Edward definitely made his dream come true.

How To Get To The Edward James Surrealist Garden

Get to Mexico City from the international airport, and take a bus or taxi to Xilitla. Tourists are allowed to visit the garden, which is open every day of the year. Tourists can also take pictures and videos of the garden.

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The Mystery of Mexico’s Island Of The Dolls

The Island Of The Dolls
Via: Wikimedia Commons

Dolls hung on trees in the Island of the dolls

The foreboding island of the dolls is located in Xochimilco, Mexico City, and is one of the creepiest places in the world to visit. The story of Mexico’s island of the dolls is that of misery, oppression, and ghoul stories. There are many stories tied to the island of the dolls, and one of them is that of a man called Santana, who was said to have seen the ghost of a drowning girl who cried for her doll. Santana found the girl’s doll and hung it on the tree by the river, only to come back later to find another doll hanging by the tree each time. Years later, he died at the spot where the girl drowned, which caused an uproar among the people of the area. But that didn’t end the story of the dolls; rather, it brought many TV stations, news stations, and film stations to the island, further making the island a tourist attraction in 1987.

Many curious travelers have gone to the island of the dolls to see the decaying, rotten, foreboding dolls for themselves. Some also claim the girl was part of a group of women and girls who ran away from men who were trying to capture them, and some of them decided to take their own lives instead. Some tourists claim one can see some of the dolls moving their heads and bodies.

How To Get To The Island Of The Dolls

Take a bus or taxi to Embarcadero de cuemanco, Xochimilco, Mexico city. The Island is about an hour and 30 minutes by boat. There will be rowers at the foot of the river to transport tourists. Tourists can also enjoy a tour of the surroundings while they are on their way to the island.