8 Must-Seeing Things and places In Hong Kong

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8 Must-Seeing Things and places In Hong Kong

Posted in : Vacation Packages on by : Ongky Firmansyah

8 Must-Seeing Things and places In Hong KongAre you touring Hong Kong for the first time? Don’t get idle here because there are a plethora of activities to do and several places to visit. Well, there is no denying that Hong Kong is not the best place for bars and all the glam on nightlife, but this is compensated for with the beautiful sceneries, shopping centers, culture, and many other tourist activities.

A trip to Hong Kong requires early plane bookings and other forms of preparation. When you prepare yourself early and book your tickets in advance, you will have the chance to choose only the best world-class planes to  fly from New York to Hong Kong. Once your plane lands, don’t forget to include the following amazing attractions in your list for Must- Seeing things and places in Hong Kong. Here they are:

1.   Tour the Temples

Hong Kong is overflowing with all kinds of temples that receive flocks of people every day. Don’t get confused; not everyone going to the temples are going to pray. A visit to the temple is more of a culture trip rather than a worship day. If you want to enjoy your visit, go to the temples from October to December and experience the cold, sunny, and pleasant weather.

However, the right thing with some of these temples, such as Man Mo Temple, is spacious enough to accommodate many tourists from all parts of the world. This makes it the best place for both illustrations and dedications.  Come and see how the local Chinese offer sacrifice to their gods; it is quite a fantastic display of culture.

2.   Happy Valley Racecourse

Just as the name suggests, Happy Valley Racecourse is no doubt a place of happiness. If you want a place to tour with the love of your life, bring all that romance here. Happy Valley Racecourse is known to host some of the best parties, including weddings.  Therefore, for the newly married couples, here is the place to celebrate the honeymoon. The background here is breathtaking, and you can take the best photos and have long-lasting memories of your vacation.

The place is also reputable for offering all types of new food staff, such as hot dogs, beer, among others. On matters security, you don’t have to worry because Happy Valley Racecourse gives the safety of its visitors’ priority. There are well-trained security personnel operating the area as well as electric fences, all offering additional protection.

3.   Meet Nathan Road

Nathan Road is another attraction point in Hong Kong, making your visit worth it. It features some of the attractive neon advertising signs. Besides, Nathan Road is artistically designed with light well spread all over the top buildings to create a unique look.

This fantastic road is found right in the middle of Hong Kong city, and if you love watching how beautiful this place can be, then join the rest at night. You’ll be amazed at the huge number of tourists that will flock here to witness the fantastic work.

4.   Visit the Market Places

Markets in Hong Kong are like some culture, and it will be a pity if you leave without shopping in one. Hong Kong overflows with markets and shopping centers selling all kinds of things, including jewelry, traditional attires, works of art, and amazing things you can take home with you.

It hosts top-class shopping places such as supermarkets, malls, 7-elevens, markets, shopping centers, etc. If you’re looking for the meaning of shop til you drop, you’ll find it in Hong Kong.  Moreover, the products here are offered at nearly a throwing price.  Therefore, when you visit Hong Kong, remember to carry extra cash for shopping.

5.   The Skyline

Well, this can sound hilarious because every place has a skyline, but that of Hong Kong is beyond comparable. The place is famous for beautiful skyscrapers arched at the Island waters of Victoria.  Many of the tourists from different places flock here to experience the beautiful scenery of the place.  For Scrapers arched lovers, you’re guaranteed maximum fun.

Besides, the place offers a 24 hours operating system with a tour at Victoria peak during both day and night. Along with the Skyline are some of the restaurants and hotels that provide accommodation to the exhausted tourists.

6.   Explore the Statue Square

Statue Square is among the best places to spend your holiday if you’re touring Hong Kong.  I’m sure you’ve seen this place in the pictures, and you’re undoubtedly looking forward to visiting. Well, we can assure you that the Statue Square looks way better than it is in the photos.

When you arrive here, you’ll be greeted with the eye-catching grass texture planted all over the places that not only attract the eye but also offer a comfortable relaxation place?  Don’t leave without seeing the Neo- classical Legco buildings, the place where the Hong Kong legislatures meet. If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination or a perfect place to pull out that engagement ring, think Statue Square.

7.   Tour at a Walled Village

 This marks one of the oldest tourist attractions in Hong Kong. The place is said to be established 500 years ago. The village still holds Chinese traditional culture, making it a perfect place for those who love to explore the culture. Here in Walled Village, you’re going to meet many of the villagers in traditional clothes and see ancient building structures that are still intact.

This is the place to learn some of the traditional Chinese cultures. A vacation to Hong Kong city is incomplete without you spending time here in Walled Village. Take as many pictures as you can and have long-lasting memories.

8.   Lamma Island

Lamma Island is a home for the beautiful sea breeze, especially during the hot and humid seasons.  The place offers fantastic jungle greenery, ramshackle villages, and deserted beaches.

Lamma Island is also the home for top-class restaurants, hotels, and bars that serve every tourist in the place.  Since food is a basic need, Lamma Island restaurants prepare all sorts of food, including delicious seafood and many other amazing dishes prepared by professional chefs. You can also have a cocktail beer and other drinks at the bars here.