6 Best Beaches in Fiji to Visit in Fall 2022

6 Best Beaches in Fiji to Visit in Fall 2022

Fiji has about 300 islands and is set in the South Pacific. Of all islands, only roughly about 100 have inhabitants.

Suva, the nation’s capital, is on the southeast coast of Viti Levu. Viti Levu is the largest island and is sometimes known as “Great Fiji”.

Fiji is a paradise with palms, ocean breezes, and white sand beaches. It is one of the world’s most isolated tourist spots and therefore ideal for tourists searching for seclusion and entertainment.

Here is a selection of the six best beaches to consider visiting on your next vacation in Fiji.

1. Natadola Beach

Natadola Beach, one of the nicest beaches in Fiji, is a great destination. With its white sands and azure waves, it is paradisiacal.

The Coral Coast is popular and draws visitors from all over the world. The proximity to Nadi International Airport makes it an attractive holiday spot. The beach is an hour’s drive from there.

The beach makes up a large part of the region. It provides visitors with a perfect opportunity for relaxation and exploration. Palms lining the shoreline provide a pleasant blend of light and shadow. Moreover, the beach has stunning resorts with breathtaking views.

The locals wait for the tourists to arrive and tie their horses up under the trees near the parking lot. You’ll surprise them if you say no to a relaxing horseback ride along the beach for $30 (lasting around 45 minutes).

Overall, this destination will provide the ambiance you need to clear your thoughts. It’s ideal for relaxation and entertainment.

How to get here: Taking the Coral Coast Scenic Railway or driving or taking a bus along Queen’s Road.

Recreational opportunities: Diving, swimming, surfing, and golfing at Natadola Bay Golf Course.

2. Liku Beach

The word “sunset” is where the name “Liku” for the beach comes from, and it’s a perfect fit. Sunsets among the palm trees on the beach are some of the best you’ll see anywhere. No surprise that it is considered one of the top Fijian honeymoon beaches.

But it’s not just about the beautiful sunsets. It also has a lagoon, coral reefs, and a wide variety of water sports available.

Moreover, the beach is ideal for relaxing in the sun and taking beautiful photographs. Photographs look great in the lush vegetation on the beach.

Likuliku Lagoon resort is a spot you can visit when on Liku Beach. It is an oasis of understated elegance accessible only to lodgers. It lies in a natural ocean lagoon within a marine sanctuary.

Liku Beach is a one-of-a-kind, distinctive destination surrounded by pure nature. The beach has respect for traditional Fijian values. The Fijians on the beach are hospitable and welcoming to visitors.

How to get here: You can travel to Liku Beach by ferry or vehicle rental.

Activities to do: Watching sunsets, snorkeling, and skydiving.

3. Seagrass Bay

Seagrass Bay is another must-see when visiting Fiji. One of the most exclusive resorts in the Fiji Islands is in Seagrass Bay, the Laucala Island Resort. This bay is on the island of Laucala, situated on the westernmost edge of the Fijian archipelago.

The beach is accessible only to guests of the five-star resort. It features twenty-five stunning villas on the water’s edge. The stunning scenery and excellent snorkeling spots have made Seagrass Bay famous. The bay is also known for its clear waters and great coral reefs.

Take advantage of the private villas’ five-star amenities and live like a king. You can let your guard down in Seagrass Bay and enjoy yourself.

Means of reach: One can get to Seagrass Bay by boat or by land vehicle.

Activities to do: Scuba diving, snorkeling, watching fire shows, and exploring the areas.

4. Korolevu Island

Korolevu Island has unspoiled beauty and a tranquil atmosphere. When you visit the island the memories will remain imprinted in your mind forever. The beach is a great tropical hideaway for newlyweds, and its stunning scenery is great.

It has pristine white beaches lined with swaying coconut palms. The half-mile crescent of sand that makes up the lagoon is a sight to behold. The coral reefs on the island offer great scenery.

Korolevu is the hub of a scuba diving network. There are plenty of table corals. Off the island are some of the world’s largest four-meter-wide table corals.

The island is approximately a kilometer offshore from Waiyevo, a town in Fiji. It is home to Taveuni’s government offices, hospital, and main shopping district. The island has a bitumen road. Through this road, it takes only 20 minutes to reach Taveuni Airport.

How to get here: Travelers can get to Korolevu Island by taking a train, bus, or driving by car.

Activities to do: Sunbathing, taking photographs, and romantic walks along the beach.

5. Vomo Island

Vomo Island has some of the nicest Fiji beaches. It got a lot more attention after being featured in the Season 7 finale of The Bachelorette. The beach is a popular destination for travelers all year round. The generally calm atmosphere makes it a great place to relax and unwind.

Vomo Island Resort is a remote island private resort. Guests can enjoy gourmet dining, 5-star service, and luxurious villas. It has a wide variety of exciting activities, including world-class snorkeling.

The resort’s location on the island allows guests to take in the scenery. Guests also experience the warm friendliness of the staff, can have gourmet picnics, and enjoy the private pool of the resort.

The beach is an ideal destination both for single people and families. It helps one unwind and learn more about Fiji traditions from locals.

How to get there: Fly a seaplane or chopper to Vomo Island. Boats are also another means of reaching the island.

Activities to do: Sunbathing, lounging by the pool, golfing, and unwinding on the sun deck are all great options.

6. Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay is on Matangi Island. You have yet to learn what you miss out on if you haven’t been to Horseshoe Bay. Its moniker comes from the fact that it resembles a horseshoe. Even if you can’t make sense of it up close, you can see the resemblance if you take a step back.

Matangi Luxury Resort is on a 240-acre private island. It offers relaxed luxury amidst tropical gardens steps from the ocean. The island is home to fantastic scenic hikes and scuba diving experiences.

A stay in a Matangi treehouse will add to your enjoyment of this unusual beach near Horseshoe Bay in Fiji. The bay is an ideal location for vacations, honeymoons, and adventure enthusiasts.

How to get here: You have to take a plane to Matei airport. Then, a water taxi will drive you to the resort.

Activities to do: Relaxing in a treehouse, tanning on the beach, and various water sports.