5 runway trends to take to the streets this autumn

5 runway trends to take to the streets this autumn

The leaves are falling, the weather is turning, and the wardrobe is calling for an autumn revamp. If you are itching to get your hands on the newest collection, hot off the ramps, here are 5 staples that can take your fall fashion game to another level altogether.

Animal prints

Animal prints make a comeback each year without fail and this year is no different. Turning the heat, a notch up in this cooler season, all the celebrities — from Victoria Beckham to Tom Ford — who mean business when it comes to fashion, sported some form of animal print this year on the ramp. Ocelot, snake, zebra, leopard and tiger print, everything was paraded, while Zara unfolded a huge, 64-piece animal print collection for the season.

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Pleated skirts

Something of a seasonal trend, pleats are one of autumn’s most favoured fashion statements. Mid length numbers in knife or elite pleat styles continue to be in vogue, but experts say that it is not as much about the type of pleat as about how one styles it. One can choose to be gutsy and wear it over trousers, like how Valentino did, but for the warmer climate of Bangladesh, it is infinitely more practical to wear it on its own, with a bright coloured knit top, to spruce up the look.

White boots

It may be difficult to pin the first prize on shoes this year as cone heels, slingbacks, and flats all put forward convincing displays. However, if one dedicated last year’s leg trend to sock boots in dark colours, this year would undoubtedly belong to long, white boots, in high end (Balenciaga and Maison Margiela) and cheaper (Zara) options.

Tweed coats

Especially suited to cooler locations, the tweed coat is warm, nifty and something of a nostalgic return of a classic. Seen and loved extensively in the popular OTT series, The Crown, the tweed coat can be styled in all kinds of attractive ways. One can style it as an elegantly fitted coat over dresses, as a boxy, structured overcoat, as a historic, flared, comfortable button-down or as a fashion-forward, oversized number over high-waisted fitted pants and crop tops for a range of versatile looks.

The Successor to ‘Millennial Pink’

“Millennial pink” hit the ramp in 2016, and the fashion world was suddenly ripe for all things bright and colourful. Vibrant shades stole the show everywhere, from Amal Clooney’s Gen Z Yellow, to Melodramatic Purple and Safety Orange as seen on Marc Jacobs and Calvin Kleins. However, none survived the critical glare of fashion and colour experts.

Shot down for either being too summer-y or simply not syncing right with autumn, trend forecasters are now placing their bets on bright green as the hue for the season. However, if one looks at the trend charts, it seems as if any colour, other than the drab black, is being preferred, for coats, skirts, and all other clothing articles this fall.