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Pagosa Springs in Colorado is mostly known for its hot springs. Besides the numerous hot springs, this gorgeous town is peaceful and surrounded by breathtaking views you will never find in any other city. Pagosa Springs has something unique; you will notice this only when you visit this city.

Pagosa Springs, which resides in southern Colorado, can be one of the best cities you have ever visited in your country. Some lots-of-travelers come to this city to escape the harsh days of their life, enjoy a nice bath in the hot springs, and enjoy outdoor adventure.

Besides all these famous tourist attractions and natural freshening places, this city has many things to offer its visitors. When you explore the downtown city, you will find many other things to do in Pagosa Springs. In this article, we will see some of the awesome things s to do in Pagosa Springs, by which you can relax and enjoy your time in the hot springs.

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs

Some people of this city even consider Pagosa Springs as the undiscovered gem of Colorado. However, there is a valid point to their saying. This town not only has a huge number of hot springs but also attracts visitors due to its climate, natural attractions, and other things to do in Pagosa Springs, including eating at some of the locals’ favorite eateries.

The list also includes shopping, exploring downtown Pagosa Springs, mountain biking, soaking on the continental divide, and many other things we will discover as this article proceeds.

Apart from all this, you might wonder about the perfect season and time to visit Pagosa Springs. Well, it should not concern you much. You can visit this city in summer, winter, and fall. There are no bad times when you must not land in Pagosa Springs.

Let’s roll to the awesome things to do in Pagosa Springs without wasting any more words.

1. Chimney Rock National Monument

Once home to the Puebloans, the Chimney Rock National Monument resides on the southern side of the San Juana Mountains. 

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This place is also preserving more than 200 homes and some ceremonial buildings. If you wish to know what you can do in this ancient monument, you should take a stroll along the pathways, which have been intact for more than a century.

Exploring Chimney Rock Mountain can be one of your favorite things to do in Pagosa Springs, and you can visit this tourist attraction any time from May to September. It opens from 15th May to September 20th, and the walking period is also allotted at this time of the year.

2. Exploring the Piedra Area

This tourist attraction covers over 60 acres of land and resides in the San Juan National Forest. This place can be explored along with your family, and even the kids can go for hiking trails here on the San Juan mountain range. Most kid visitors of Pagosa Springs consider this their favorite thing to do in Pagosa Springs. 

If you and your family are outdoor enthusiasts, this is the best place. You must start exploring the attractions of Pagosa Springs from here. The Piedra Area features a wide flat terrain, perfect for exploring with young children. Besides this, there are also several campgrounds where you can place your tent and rest.

If you wish to know the best things to do in Pagosa Springs, Piedra Area, then spending a lot of time with your youngsters and having memorable moments together would be best.

Besides resting in the campgrounds, you can go horseback riding, hiking trails, fishing, and clicking pictures of beautiful landscapes. There are many things to do in Pagosa Springs, which you will enjoy during your time here. If you want to know a few more best things to do in Pagosa Springs, check out Piedra River Trail.

3. Relaxing in the Hot Springs Resort

If you break down the name of this city, then you will realize that the word Pagosa means healing. The word Pagosa is a southwestern Ute word. The hot springs resort of this city can be partly concluded as the main reason for attracting most visitors and the best things to do in Pagosa Springs.

Take a dip in these hot springs, and find the healing power of this warm water. There are also other easily accessible many amenities of the resorts here. This city has been a popular hot spring area since old times, and visitors from ancient times believe that warm mineral water has medicinal benefits. 

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Besides the healing power of the Pagosa Springs, the springs are also registered as the the World’s Deepest Geothermal Hot springs. For the record, the spring is at least 1002 feet deep. However, the actual depth of the springs here couldn’t be measured since the line of the measurement tool is not enough to find the bottom of the spring.

Some of the natural hot springs are also located near the bank of the San Juan River. However, you can even find some other spots to warm yourself on the public bank of the river. If you wish to enjoy the warmth of spring to the fullest, you can visit some of the famous spring resorts or spa centers.

Some resorts will even find lodging, spa, dining, and soaking pools, which can benefit your health.

4. Check Treasure Falls from the Top

 This treasure fall is located about 15 miles away from the town’s main district. The Treasure fall is at least 100 – a foot waterfall. Many visitors often use the parking lot to check out treasure Falls. But if you are interested in hiking, and want the best view of this place, then you will find a ½ mile loop trails which will take you to a perfect viewing area called Misty Deck. Viewing Treasure Falls from the viewing area can also be considered one of the best things to do in Pagosa Springs.

You can check out the treasure falls from the parking lot, but considering its popularity and the average number of visitors coming here, you should arrive fast at the spot to check out this fall. The extra crowd here can ruin your view.

However, if you wish to climb the viewing area and get a clear view of the treasure fall, you must learn about the Mist Deck viewing area. The trail you will be climbing is short and steep, gaining heights of 200 feet and elevation of only 0.3 miles. You must head towards the parking lot’s left side to reach this viewing area. The route can be a bit steeper and rugged.

5. Go for Adventure with the Rocky Mountain Balloon Adventures

This adventure was founded in 1986, and since then, visitors from all over the world have come here to experience the balloon adventure over the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountain Balloon Agency is a tour guide and can offer you the best of the best adventure in Pagosa Springs.

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If you are here on a honeymoon, exploring the mountains on a balloon is one of the best romantic things to do in Pagosa Springs. As you soar on a colorful hot air balloon, your sightseeing experience will be delightful. The agency’s experts will clear the pathways, and their expert hot-air balloon tour guides will guide you. 

Enjoying the ride to its fullest with your partner is the only thing you should worry about when you are in a hot air balloon with the experts. The hot air balloon will take you to 30,000 feet, which can be intimidating. Sipping on a glass of champagne with your partner from this height is surely one of the best things to do in Pagosa Springs.

Other Things to do in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

  1. Visit Williams Creek Reservoir

  2. Go for Cross Country Skiing adventure

  3. Explore the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park

  4. Check out Wolf Creek Ski Area (Wolf Creek Ski resort is the best in this area)

  5. Check The San Juan historical museum (national historic landmark)

  6. Take a stroll at Reservoir Hill Park

  7. Go for whitewater rafting

  8. Take a tour from Silverton Narrow Gauge railroad

Final Note

Pagosa Springs co is mainly known for its natural hot springs. The Pagosa Springs also features the world’s deepest hot spring. Visiting Pagosa Springs, you will notice there are many other things that you can explore with your family, partner, and friends. This city is filled with many famous tourist attractions, and they are one of a kind.

We guess, by now, you have got some idea best things to do in Pagosa Springs. While exploring the city’s different attractions, it would be best if you took a tour guide with you. You can learn much from the tour guide; they will also help you explore more unknown yet amazingly beautiful areas.

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