The Sundarbans is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh, and easily one of the best tourist attractions in the country. This mangrove forest is the largest in the world, and is densely populated with various trees, and diverse wildlife. This time of the year — from October to March —is best to visit this treasure trove of natural beauty as the weather is perfect, not too warm with low chances of rain or storm.

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Family vacation spots in Europe you shouldn’t miss

Sometimes the best family vacation ideas require a passport and a sense of adventure. If you’re ready to look beyond the usual family vacation spots in the U.S., why not consider Europe for your next family trip?

European vacations are an experiential way to introduce your kids to the wider world. Western Europe is different enough from the U.S. to feel excitingly unfamiliar, yet it’s similar enough to foster a sense of comfort in most American travelers – making it an excellent choice for your first overseas trip as a family. 

The best family vacation spots in Europe

Traveling to

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Dan Patrick targets rural Texas in media-shy bus tour

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