! Spanish News Today – Aquarids 2022: When And Where To Get The Best View Of The Upcoming Meteor Shower In Spain

Date Published: 19/07/2022

The spectacular aquarid shower will be clearest in Spain at the end of the month

Aquarids 2022: when and where to get the best view of the upcoming meteor shower in Spain
The Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower is always a sight to behold but this year the sky is due to be exceptionally clear, giving the perfect lighting conditions to view the spectacle. The celestial event actually runs from July 12 until August 23, but the end of the month is when the most striking showers will be visible in Spain.


As July comes to a close, the delta aquarids are expected to reach their maximum intensity, making it easier to spot the meteors

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A $120 Costco Membership Is Worth It for the Travel Discounts

  • Costco Travel offers hotel stays, vacation packages, and rental cars, often at highly discounted rates.
  • However, you have to be a member. So even though I rarely shop there, I paid $120 to sign up.
  • The cost was more than worth it: I saved over $1,000 on a trip to the Dominican Republic.

With prices for hotels skyrocketing and the cost of plane tickets up as much as 28% when compared to pre-pandemic pricing, comparison shopping for travel is more important now than ever before. High prices or not, there’s no reason to pay more than

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Does Costco Travel Save Money On Hawaii Vacations?

Does Costco Travel Save Money On Hawaii Vacations?

Costco Travel has a range of offerings that are worth checking into for a Hawaii vacation. While we reported the savings at Costco Gas in Hawaii were less than expected, the same is not true with their travel program. Costco Travel sells Hawaii vacation packages, hotels, and car rentals. So just how well does this work on saving you money when planning a Hawaii vacation?

Who doesn’t like a deal, especially a Hawaii travel deal. In theory, Costco uses its bulk buying power we’re all familiar with at its warehouses to offer deals better than can be obtained in retail.

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Woman Secretly Cancels Family Trip For One Stepson, Gets Mad When The Dad Calls Off Vacation For The Whole Family

Family trips usually come with a fair bit of drama. Sharing the backseat with your siblings for 30 hours on a road trip tends to create some tension, and there might be times where a hangry mom and dad just cannot agree on whether they want Italian of Mexican food for dinner. The vacation can still be a success overall, but somehow family trips always find a way to upset someone. Unfortunately for one family, they recently ended up with a year’s worth of family drama without even making it on a trip.

4 days ago, a concerned father, Reddit

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Man Backed for Excluding Stepbrother Who ‘Didn’t Qualify’ For Family Trip

The internet has sided with a man after he refused to invite his stepbrother on an annual “brothers’ trip”.

Shared on Reddit’s popular r/AmITheA**hole forum on Thursday, the post has received thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Poster and user u/random_regen44 explained: “I, my brother, and our half-brother used to go on an annual trip with our dad. Since my dad had a serious health complication three years ago, it turned into a brothers’ trip. We used to invite my stepbrother years ago but he never wanted to go.”

All in their 20s, the man explained that he and

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