The Best Airbnbs Outside of L.A.

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From desert ranches to coastal retreats, check out these vacation rentals for your next local getaway.

If the pandemic sparked within you a desire to hit the somewhat open roads, you’re not alone. But what are the nation’s top doctors saying? Well, basically, keep out of COVID-19’s way and stay home. But if that’s simply not an option, Golden State officials ask that you remember California’s travel mantra — R-E-S-P-E-C-T — as you enjoy its hotels, wineries, restaurants and other tourist destinations.

Vacationing in COVID times requires much more than an ounce of preparation

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The Daily Telegraph is giving away caravan and camping holiday prizes

If you are fantasising about getting away from it all, The Daily Telegraph is giving away a luxury motor home for you to travel in after lockdown.

The Win a Weekender competition is back for the third year.

The Daily Telegraph is fuelling our readers’ holiday escape plans with more than $290,000 worth a caravan, camping and holiday park prizes.

Whether you are looking for adventure, comfort, or a mix of both the Daily Telegraph has something for everyone.

Valued at $126,990 the major prize Windsor Daintree luxury motorhome has a lounge room that transforms into a bedroom at a

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Australian PM defends family trip during COVID lockdown | News | DW

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison hit back at criticism over his decision travel to Sydney on Father’s Day during a COVID lockdown.

In an interview with Sky News Australia aired Tuesday, Morrison said there was a lot of “misinformation” doing the rounds and that there was no exemption required for him to travel to Sydney. 

“I can understand people’s frustration, but I do think there has been a lot of misinformation about this,” Morrison said.

“I live in Sydney. I often have to be here [in Canberra] for work, there was no requirement to get an exemption to go to

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Top tourist destinations in Kenya


Well-known as an outstanding tourist destination, Kenya is a country of dynamic extremes and definitive contrasts, situated at the very heart of the Great Rift valley of East Africa. Many people have referred to Kenya as East Africa in microcosm, dominating the East African Economy. Kenya is famous for its great diversity both culturally and physically, making travellers to navigate long distances to have a taste of the beautiful coastline of the Indian Ocean, world-class wildlife viewing, classic game reserves mixed up with colourful tribal cultures, melting point of traditional cuisines among many more. Kenya’s classic savannah safaris have been

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Tourists ‘pretending to be homeless so they can camp on famous seaside promenade’

Tourists camping on unauthorised beachfront have been accused of ‘freeloading’ for pretending to be homeless in order to camp on a famous English seaside in the face of sky high holiday costs.

Around seven tents were seen over the last weekend along the seafront of the English Riviera in Torquay, Devon, where the campers have set up, reported.

While some locals and community leaders have expressed anger, others remain understanding of the holidaymakers’ decisions to attempt to enjoy a cheap holiday.

Prices for British seaside holidays shot up after the pandemic with overseas holidays proving difficult to navigate.

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Best travel VPN 2021 | ZDNet

Of all the situations you might find yourself in when using a VPN, perhaps the one where your VPN is at its most mission critical is when you’re traveling. When you’re away from home, you’re dependent on whatever communication infrastructure exists where you are. That might be a solid, secure infrastructure, or it might be one that’s insecure, or even one designed by the host government where you’re located to siphon up every last bit of information about you that it can.

Also: Air-gapping the planet: How to travel safely in digitally scary places

VPNs create secure tunnels that should

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The best last minute camping holidays with availability for this weekend

It has been a record summer for camping holidays this year, as domestic travellers embraced holidaying under canvas.

Uncertainty about foreign travel and a relaxation of campsite planning rules have combined to fuel a boom in tent holidays, with bookings for pitches and bell tents at the UK’s largest camping portal, up 173 per cent compared to pre-pandemic. Unsurprisingly, the South-West, in particular Devon and Cornwall, has been the most popular region for campers.

Landowners have also taken advantage of an extension of rules that allow campsites to operate for 56 days per year without the need to apply

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