20 Best Cyber Monday Backpack Deals (2022): Laptop Bags, Camera Bags, and Slings

20 Best Cyber Monday Backpack Deals (2022): Laptop Bags, Camera Bags, and Slings

There comes a point in every gear enthusiast’s life where they need a new bag (or four). All those laptop dongles, charging cables, and hobby-related accessories have to go somewhere. As professional reviewers, we’ve tested plenty of backpacks, messenger bags, camera bags, totes, and purses. The good news? Several of our favorites are on sale for Cyber Monday. 

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We test products year-round and handpicked these deals. Products that are sold out or no longer discounted as of publishing will be crossed out. We’ll update this guide throughout the Cyber Deals weekend.

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Backpack Deals

Our Best Laptop Bags guide has additional recommendations. 

Lo & Sons Hanover 2 Laptop Backpack. 

Photograph: Lo & Sons

This is the most versatile backpack we’ve tested. The included detachable insert has four padded pockets for easy organization and, importantly, separation. Stick all your tech-adjacent dongles and chargers in the insert, then take it out for fast transformation into a travel-ready carry-on, or use it to stash baby gear for quick conversion into a diaper bag. 

We like the attached luggage loop on this neoprene affair, but unfortunately, neoprene isn’t an environmentally friendly material. It’s easy to attach the bag to a suitcase while you’re traveling. It also has nice chunky zippers and comes in some brighter color schemes that other bags don’t.  

This bag is made from recycled polyester and nylon. It’s a pretty standard issue pack, but simple can be a good thing. There’s room for a 17-inch laptop in the main padded compartment, and the bag is backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

Tote Bag, Briefcase, and Sling Deals

Prefer shoulder bags to back bags? Our Best Tote Bags and Purses and Best Messenger Bags guides have you covered. 

Cuyana Oversized Recycled Sling Bag. 

Photograph: Cuyana

Made from recycled plastic, this bag can hold a vast amount of stuff. WIRED reviewer Medea Giordano uses it as a catch-all for her luggage, once successfully managing to cram in an oversized pool floaty and high heels. We also like that you can pop this sling in the washing machine, so long as you encase it in a mesh bag. 

This is the best traditional tote bag we’ve tested. Crammers, rejoice—this bag can handle whatever you manage to stuff inside, and it’ll distribute the weight evenly. There are also a gazillion pockets and a full-zip closure to keep everything where it belongs. 

This bag’s classic design means your investment will be stylish for years to come. It focuses more on internal storage than organizational pockets, and while we like the traditional design, just note that the bag isn’t waterproof and it doesn’t have a full-zip closure. 

Stuart & Lau Cary Briefcase.

Photograph: Stuart and Lau

This twill briefcase has classy leather accents and a genius internal laptop case that pops in and out. It also includes a reusable shopping bag so you can separate your errand pickups from your normal everyday carry. We also appreciate the built-in umbrella loop. 

This compact, weatherproof bag is made from recycled polyester. The internal pocket is meant for gadgets 13 inches or under, while the external pocket could comfortably fit a tablet or e-reader. Pockets on pockets round the whole thing out. 

This is one of the best discounts we’ve seen for this bag, which is 50 percent comprised of recycled polyester. It’s perfect for travel, especially thanks to the built-in luggage pass-through. No more juggling a suitcase and a tote. Now you’ll be one of those cool people who rolls all their luggage together at the airport. 

Camera Bag Deals 

Check out our Best Camera Bags guide for more, including additional accessories like inserts. 

Wandrd Roam Sling Camera Bag. 

Photograph: Wandrd

This is our favorite camera sling and this deal is especially rare because the Roam frequently goes out of stock. It can fit a bulky camera, additional lenses, plus other accessories. You can even affix a tripod to the included straps on the bottom of the bag. It’s made of 840-denier and 1680D ballistic nylon with water-resistant YKK zippers—it’s durable and comfy. We recommend pairing it with Wandrd’s Laptop Case (also on sale for $47 ($12 off), which lets you store your laptop vertically in the sling and offers some padded protection.

This is WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu’s favorite camera bag. Internally, it features tons of zippers, pouches, and pockets. Externally, we appreciate the roll-top for expansion on the go. This deal comes with the Photo Bundle, including a waist strap, various accessory straps, and a camera cube yo better protect your camera gear. 

Want to haul camera gear without alerting your fellow subway riders that you’ve got a ton of expensive stuff on you? This is a good option. The slick, elegant design still has plenty of functionality, with a ton of internal organization options inside the roomy main compartment. 

Brevitē The Jumper Camera Backpack.

Photograph: Brevite

This is our favorite everyday camera backpack. It’s relatively affordable and comes in a wide array of eye-catching colors. There’s a quick-access pocket on the side for on-the-go photography or videography, and the rear pocket keeps your laptop protected and close to your body. Internally, the Velcro divider lets you keep your gear organized without worrying about another insert or cube. There are also tripod straps on the base.

We appreciate the straps on the bottom of this sling, which work well for awkward items like tripods or light stands. There are roomy pockets, including one with a handful of pouches for accessory organization. The front-most pocket is lined with faux fur for storing fragile items like sunglasses. 

This bag fills a unique void in the camera bag space. It’s a combination backpack shell and running vest, making it a great option for runners that want to snap photos on their morning jogs. WIRED reviewer Scott Gilbertson likes to use it while hiking and birding. 

Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel

Photograph: Wandrd

This big backpack has more than enough room for … well, anything. You can stuff it full of camera gear and have room to spare for other items, even oversized ones like hoodies. It’s perfect for a travel carry-on if you want to skip checking a bag but still want to keep your camera bodies and lenses protected. It’s also incredibly durable—WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu used it as his backpack and carry-on during his road trip around Iceland this past summer. Make sure you add one or two of the Camera Cube Essential Plus to maximize organization.

This bag was made with street photographers in mind. If you’re often out in the field, it might be a great pickup. As the name implies, the design is rugged and durable, but not at the expense of comfort. Magnetic clips make it easier to swap lenses or grab a new memory card in a hurry.

WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu is currently testing this bag and likes it. You can access your camera through the top or sides, and there’s padded protection for a laptop. Wear it as a backpack or carry it like a tote. The clean design is attractive, and the top can be closed via the magnetic clasp or the weatherproof zip.  

Longe Weekend Monterey Sling

Photograph: Moment

You can convert this bag from a cross-body to a fanny pack. It doesn’t have the largest storage capacity, so it may be more alluring to folks that prefer compact cameras or shooting on a phone. It’s also just super cute.

Like a packing cube for your tech accessories, this is perfect for organizing and corraling various flash drives, dongles, SD cards, and cleaning cloths. It also comes with another, smaller removable tech organizer for things like cables and adapters. The organizers are rigid enough to keep your stuff protected and not get lost in a sea of gear inside your larger carrying bag. 

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