10 Amazing Must-See Islands In The Persian Gulf

10 Amazing Must-See Islands In The Persian Gulf

The stunning Persian Gulf, with its blue and turquoise waves, lies between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. The Persian Gulf is bounded on the north and northeast by Iran, on the northwest by Iraq and Kuwait, on the west by Saudi Arabia, on the southwest by Bahrain and Qatar, on the south by the Emirates, and on the southeast by Oman. It has a length of around 900 kilometers and an average width of 250 kilometers, making it the world’s third-largest bay after the Gulf of Mexico and Hudson Bay.

The magnificent Persian Gulf islands have always been tourist destinations, and due to the warm weather, the optimum time to visit them is from late autumn to mid-spring. Some of the deserted islands in this area can only be seen on a one-day tour. However, there are numerous beautiful islands where tourists can stay.

10/10 Chahkooh Canyon In Qeshm Is A Masterpiece

Qeshm is one of the most beautiful islands in southern Iran, with numerous untouched and unknown locations. When travelers visit Qeshm, they are confronted with a vast expanse of unending splendor.

Qeshm Island, located in the Strait of Hormuz, is Iran’s and the Persian Gulf’s largest island. This island, the world’s largest non-independent island, serves as Iran’s second commercial free port, with coastlines ideal for anchoring.

Travelers can explore historical sites on this island in addition to enjoying the beach and swimming in the azure Persian Gulf. Tourists are always surprised when they visit Chahkooh Canyon, Star Valley, and Mangrove Forests.

9/10 Kish: An Island for Everyone’s Amusement

The Greek ship in Kish Island, Persian Gulf, Iran,
By Mojtaba Hoseini Unsplash

The Greek ship in Kish Island, Persian Gulf, Iran, 

“Sun, sea, and sand: a fantasy island in Iran,” according to the description of Kish. Kish Island is the first choice for anyone planning a trip to the Persian Gulf tourist islands. Among the Persian Gulf islands, Kish Island has the biggest tourist and leisure attractions.

Scuba diving, surfing, parasailing, and other water activities have made tourists’ visits to this picturesque island more unforgettable. Kish’s nights are quite gorgeous, and visitors frequently stay around the beach till dawn to see the beautiful sunrise over the Persian Gulf.

Staying in luxurious hotels and shopping in modern shopping centers is another part of the fun.

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8/10 Hormuz; The Rainbow Island

Hormuz Island, Persian Gulf , Iran
Photo by Fatemeh Sabeti

Hormuz Island, Persian Gulf , Iran

It is impossible for tourists to visit Hormuz without leaving a piece of their heart there. Everyone is fascinated by this wonderful island. One of the most stunning and unspoiled islands for camping is Hormuz.

Tourists are surprised by the beaches’ peace and quiet as well as the vibrant soil. In the Persian Gulf, the Red Coast of Hormuz stands out like a beating heart. The island’s crimson soil is reputed to have healing effects. Visit local restaurants and taste fresh seafood while visiting this gorgeous island.

Go to Silver Beach at night and enjoy the sparkle of the beach sand. Because there are no cars or drivers on this island, the calm is doubled.

7/10 Love Dolphins? Visit Hengam Island

Hengam Island is located in Hormozgan, southeast of Qeshm Island. This lovely island is home to one of the sea’s most popular nature trails. It has an outstanding natural beauty that has drawn many tourists.

Tourists will be amazed to observe dolphins in the sea on their trip to this island. Furthermore, Hengam Island has a lovely mood due to the preservation of its original and traditional nature. Because of its amazing beauty, this southern island has become one of the primary headquarters for nature trips during the colder seasons of the year.

Fishing has always been the main source of income for the people who live on this island, but it is now the center of the country for caged fish farming, shrimp farming, and crocodile breeding.

6/10 Lavan; The Persian Gulf’s Hidden Pearl

This island, which is the third-largest Iranian island in the Persian Gulf after Qeshm and Kish, has long been regarded as the Persian Gulf’s hidden pearl due to its use as a pearl fishing pole.

One of the beauties of this lovely island is the presence of honey beehives near oil facilities and tanks, which has resulted in their honey being dark green in color and smelling of oil.

In addition, Lavan Island has approximately 150 heads of Chinkara, a type of deer. Lavan Island is also home to many sea turtle species, including Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles, from the middle of March until the beginning of August.

5/10 The Blue Light Of Plankton In Larak

Larak Island is around 16 kilometers from Qeshm. The most unusual sight on this island is its historical cemetery. Clay hearths, shaped like little pots, are set on the graves, and frankincense and pewter are poured on the hot embers inside, creating a nice odor in the region.

Because of the presence of plankton in the sea on this island, a blue glow may be seen when the ocean waves hit the beach at the start of the night.

This island has an abundance of fishing opportunities. Eating tandoori fish on the beach is an experience travelers won’t soon forget. Don’t miss a tasty traditional dessert in Larak called Rotab Halva.

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4/10 Hendorabi Is A Stop for Migratory Birds

Hendorabi is a small, isolated island that has managed to preserve its natural beauty. Hendorabi Island is a clean and serene Persian Gulf island with excellent beaches for beach recreation and even swimming.

Hendorabi Island has the option of viewing young turtles whose mothers have chosen this island to lay their eggs, and it is known as one of the Persian Gulf Islands’ tourist attractions.

Also, seeing migratory birds and desert reptiles is something tourists will not find anyplace else in Iran.

3/10 Maru The Iranian Maldives

Maru Island is a picturesque and unspoiled region near Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf. This coral uninhabited island is known as the Iranian Maldives (India has its own Maldives-adjacent spot, too) because of its white sand.

The island is deemed excellent for a short one-day excursion in the country’s south.

When visitors first arrive at Maru Island, they have the impression that they are standing in the frame of a nature documentary, viewing a corner of paradise.

It’s worth noting that if travelers go around Maru Island by boat early in the morning, they might spot turtles and water snakes.

2/10 Kharg, The Orphan Pearl Of The Persian Gulf

Kharg Island is another unspoiled Persian Gulf island. Jalal Al-e-Ahmed, a famous Iranian writer, wrote a book about this island and referred to it as “the orphan pearl of the Persian Gulf” in his book.

Its hot weather, particularly in the summer, should not deter travelers from visiting this unique island, as many people prefer fishing and seeing the phytoplankton on its beaches to the heat. Especially if visitors go to the beach at night, they can see the blue trail of phytoplankton in the shallow waters of Kharg Beach.

1/10 Nakhiloo A Deserted Island

Nakhiloo Island is one of the Persian Gulf’s deserted islands and is part of Bushehr province. It is near Ommolkorm Island and is home to Little Terns, large and small Crested Larks, and Crab-plovers.

This island is one of the rarest in the Middle East in terms of migratory seabird breeding, and visitors can rent a boat from Bushehr to visit for a day, but they cannot stay. Because of the presence of tourists, turtles can no longer lay eggs there, and the environment prohibits people from doing so.